Saturday, October 3, 2009


We did it! Yesterday was the night we finally downed Malygos. Yey us!

It was very, very close. Malygos was on the brink of enrage when he died and only two in the group were still alive in the end. But we killed him! Afterwards I was so happy it bordered to the ridiculous, the sort of joy that comes from having tried something a million times and finally having succeded. So sweet.

Since we seemed to be on a roll with the drakes five of us went on to do heroic Occulus. It was a long time since I did that instance and then only on normal. I hardly remembered how to handle my emerald drake so it took three tries to kill the final boss but after that I am, lo and behold, Astrantia of the Frozen Wastes. Fancy that. Not too bad for my little night elf tree.

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