Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor thing

This poor, neglected blog. What to say. Real life takes a lot of time and almost nothing is left to keep up my WoW life. Too bad.

Right now the guild events I try to participate in every week are ICC25 on Thursdays and ICC10 on Sundays. One could call our Icecrown Citadel advances slow as in a pace a snail wouldn't have problems to keep up with but we do move forward and most often do six bosses every week on 10 man. But six bosses is about what we have time for in one run and since we haven't yet exended our 10 man raids now I begin to feel we are stuck in an endless loop beginning with Marrowgar and ending with either Festegut or Rotface.

Speaking about Festegut and Rotface, what's with mad scientists and their preferences for family members built of spare parts of some sort? We have Mirmion in Ulduar with his X2 Deconstructor and in Icecrown Professor Putricide has assembled the twins (did he build one first of random body parts and then cloned it since they look exactly the same?). I can understand both the professor's and Mirmion's difficulties in finding a partner to start a family with but to think about thier parental instincts being so strong they literally build their families themselves (mad scientists and single parents!). It's quite endearing in a way (and Festegut and Rotface even have thir own pets).