Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicken Malygos

Yep, like true masochists we went back yesterday to get our poor behinds kicked again in Eye of Eternity. On a positive note I can say: we are getting better. Better at stacking on top of each other when the floor goes into pieces and we are getting on the drakes and that makes it very much easier to get some bearings on where to go for me at least.

The downside still is that we don't actually kill the damn dragon.

But I do feel Malygos is getting scared we might succed in downing him because last night he retorted to cheating! On our fourth try when everyone in group had agreed to
  • let the healers heal
  • keep the dot up on boss all the time
  • use shield when getting stared down by the boss (Malygos is focusing his eyes on you!)
  • move away from group when affected by static charge
  • stick together

we went through phase 1 and 2 fine, stacked up nicely for phase 3, the floor cracked, we mounted on drakes but before the fight even started...the drakes disappeared and we promptly fell to our death.


I tell you Malygos, you can claim to be bugged but I know you are afraid of us. Admit it, you cheating bastard! And you can't trick us forever. We will hunt you down and squish you like a big...moth or something.

1 comment:

  1. hell yeah ast, maly is going down, he will feel the wrath of emm, we shall rejoice in the defeat of the beast and bask in the ambience of our new title :)