Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shame on me

Hodir has come to make me feel like a crap healer for several reasons:

1. One of our other healers said last week that when he did Hodir in another guild (I assume) the druid healers usually outhealed him by like 10%. I'm a druid healer and I don't.

2. The same healer stated that Hodir is "a healer fight" that needs a lot of spam healing of hots and instant casts. Who has the hots (and I also guess a lot of the instant casts)? Yup me, the druid.

3. When we wiped (several times) the same healer said we needed more healing and I really felt he virtually pointed at me, the druid with the hots and instant casts.

I'm not saying I shouldn't try to be better at healing on the move but I was of the clearly naive notion that the Hodir fight was not only about druid healing. I thought it was at least a tiny bit about everyone avoid falling ice blocks, moving constantly etc. And it's not like I usually stand around not healing out of sheer laziness as opposed to spam healing needed on Hodir.

Still the other healer's statements make me feel very, very heavily that the responsibility for keeping the raid alive on Hodir is on me and only me since I'm a druid with hots etc. And when we wipe, like we did several times this week, it feels like I'm personally to blame.

Ok, I realise I'm probably oversensitive on this.


  1. I don't think you're being over-sensitive - and I don't think it's right for one healing class to put all the pressure on another healing class during a difficult fight.

    After all, MOAR HEALZ from one person is far too simplistic a way of looking at it. How about less DPS taking damage, for another? How about more focused healing from other classes?

    I used to hate Hodir, because I would behave like an absolute moron in the fight, jumping face first into snowballs and such like but now I'm starting to get the hang of it, I really like it. It is genuinely challenging though.

    I've also learned to prioritise my own correct positioning over *everything* else. Yes, sometimes I feel confident to fling off a few instant casts as I dodge icicles or whatever, but mainly before I start casting I do a quick check ot make sure I'm correctly positioned and I'm not taking damage. Then I start healing.

    As I get more confident, I'll probabably get better at balancing myself and others but I reckon the best thing a healer can do in this fight is keep themself alive first.

    Also it's definitely a huge team effort fight. You can't compenstate for the fact other people aren't moving, or are standing in death.


    Guy was seriously just passing the buck.

  2. I agree, this doesn't sound oversensitive at all. The key thing is that there are two very different statements that end up sounding similar:

    #1. Assuming that everyone else is doing their jobs right, using their resources well and playing alertly, you there may tip the balance between success and failure.

    #2. Because others are not doing their jobs right, we need someone to save us from the consequences of our mistakes, and therefore you may tip the balance between success and failure.

    It's #2 that rankles.

  3. Thanks for the support! Thing is it might be that the other healer just wants us to down the boss and think more healing is the most effective way to achieve it, I don't know. But when he puts it the way he does I feel the pressure building up. And since I'm no Snottydin (for those of you who doesn't know her check out http://www.righteousorbs.com/?p=915 and http://snottydin.blogspot.com/)I can't solo heal Hodir with a lol :).