Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A random late night post

I think I suffered a post-Malygos depression after having finally downed him on Friday. I logged in for a brief time on Saturday and did VoA25 but felt uninspired indeed (it didn't help that I lost the roll on the druid gloves on Koralon). So on Sunday and Monday I had a WoW break and watched some tv and went to bed before midnight. It felt quite good actually but tonight I was on again. I joined the guild run for the last part of Naxx10, military quater and the two final bosses. I have grown to like the four horsemen fight. I ususally get to be in the back together with a hunter and the pet is on my side when we run back and forth. Tonight I was in for a bit of surprise though when one of the front horsemen broke loose from the tank in the beginning and came heading my way. Two horsemen and a void zone forming under my feet meant fast and certain death.

After Naxx was finished I did the daily which was (surprisingly) not HoS but Trial of the Champion. The Argent Tournament has still not made me a full fledged knight ( I think they might have given up on me ever being very good at jousting to be honest) but the night elves of Darnassus cheered anyway which always make me feel sort of proud and happy in a shallow and vain way. And it's quite undeserved at that: they cheer when I get inside and then they have to endure my jousting right after that. I'm surprised they don't throw a rotten tomato on me really.


  1. Well those nelves - they'll cheer anyone ;)

    Actually one of the many things that makes me vaguely dirty during ToC is how secretly pleased I am when Silvermoon cheers for me.

  2. Hmmm... I really would like to hear more about those other things related to ToC that make you feel dirty. Is it too easy access to epics? A secret crush on Argent Confessor Paletress? Please tell...:)