Friday, October 16, 2009

My scattered thoughts on Hodir

This is more or less a transcript of what went through my head when we did Hodir for the first time yesterday:
Ok, have to keep moving all the time and ofc heal, thank god for instant heals, remember to move so I don't freeze to circle on the floor, get out! Another blue circle, get out! And yes don't forget to heal. A fire, always avoid fire....or no not this time...standing in the fire is good...or maybe not IN the fire, stand close to the fire. And don't forget to heal. Blue circle is still bad though. Very nice with a helping npc moonkin. Is fire out? Keep moving. And healing, don't forget to heal that is why you are here. Do that [name and class withheld] have to stand under every ice block that is falling? Oops, missed that one myself, have to keep moving. And watch the floor. And heal. Flash freeze coming up...where are the larger circles? There are circles everywhere, I hope this is the right one, jump into it or no wait until ice have fallen. Now! Still alive but not healing enough since some other people have died. How to move, watch out for falling objects and massively heal at the same time? And here comes frozen blows on tank...heal away heal away. And move etc....No it won't work damn and here is Hodir coming my way... hello there Mr Frosty....arrrghh I'm dead...

No, we didn't defeat him. But I think you have guessed that already.


  1. hello there Mr Frosty :D
    love that, sure itll get easier over time, I'm sure youll be farming him before I hit 80!