Friday, October 23, 2009

Human, no thanks

I'm not much of an alt person but I have a lowly little warlock that I really do like. The reason she remains low level is because I don't like neither being human in game nor the human start area. I like my in game character to be something I'm not in everyday life. And of course you can argue that being a warlock is certainly not part of my everyday life (sadly I might feel some days days at work) but being human feels so ordinary. No pointy ears, no skyblue skin, no tail to make your mantle stand out in an odd angle, no pixiesh height, just plain boring human. Sigh.

And the environment. More plain humans in the Defias Brotherhood and the dusty beige feeling of Westfall. The only remotely exciting things in Westfall are the crazed harvest machienes with their stompy Frankenstein walk. I almost fall asleep over my keyboard.

Yesterday I found myself fishing in Stormwind rather than going out in the woods whacking some more of the Defias Brotherhood. That must be a sign that something is truly wrong as I have never got Astrantia to reach even 200 in fishing skill because I find in game fishing a bit like watching plants grow...wery slow and not very exciting.

Instead of whining I should probably wait for Cataclysm and then roll a worgen warlock but in a way that feels silly too. I guess I just have to grind away so I can leave the brown fields of Westfall behind me.

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