Monday, October 26, 2009

Night of the Dragons

Saturday night we started doing OS25 as we usually do in guild on Saturday. No drakes up so it was more or less a doing it in your sleep run. These days I think some people don't find OS worth doing anymore (especially without drakes up) but we always seem to have players who haven't done it. I like the place too, all fire and brown stone. I also like the drakes emotes. The way Tenebron says "I should not have held back..." (yesh, right) and Shadrons surprised "We...are superior! How could this... be... " (no, maybe you shouldn't think you are all that when 25 people are coming to get you?).

After OS ten of us went to see Onyxia. I have tried new Onyxia on 25 man with two different pugs and that didn't go too well. We also tried the 10 man version once before in guild and I don't know if we were overconfident or just not very good then because the general impression was that adds, fire and our quick death on our part. This time however it all went like clockwork on first try. Noone got hit by head, tail or breath or felt the urge to visit the whelp caves. Totally useless loot though from a druid perspective. Well, of course there was the head of Onyxia but I never win items like that.

One of the warriors in guild needed to do EoE for a quest and since we were on a roll with the dragons why not? It took three times to get Malygos down and then he bugged on the second try. It feels very weird when all of a sudden you get thrown off the drake in phase 3, fall for the time it takes to think "",then land on a new drake only to realise a few second later that you are falling through space again , this time to certain death. My husband, Oto the hunter, almost never seems to get the drake interface showing in phase 3. This run it worked one time and of course that was the time the fight bugged so he didn't get to enjoy being able to do anything for very long.

What more raids with dragons? We went back to Wyrmrest Temple and did OS10. After that it would have been nice to end the night with daily hc being Nexus or Occulus but it was Old Kingdom.

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