Sunday, October 11, 2009

Late night wiping with another dragon

I don't have time to play hardly anything right now. Real life is screaming for almost undivided attention which (as always) makes me slightly feeling guilty for not being available in guild for raids and instances (which in a way is just another way of being egocentric I guess, they are probably doing perfectly fine without me).

On Friday my abstinence from WoW in general and a masochistic streak of oh-I-realise-I-haven't been-part-of-a-wipe-in-almost-a-week made me join a late night try of 25 man Onyxia. I wasn't in the group from start but learned that they had spent the better part of the night in that rather confined space that is Onyxia's lair. I really would like to say that my joining made all the difference between wiping and success but then my nose would be become so long Pinoccio's would appear quite normal.

First we wiped because people got hit by Onyxia's tail. Then we wiped because someone got thrown into the eggs that hatched a myriad of whelps that quickly killed the heroic off tank who tried to take them all on. Then I think we wiped because everyone were just generally to scattered about. And the last time I don't even remember the cause for the wipe, but wipe we did.

In theory we had a tactic where everyone would stick more or less together throughout the fight but I think for most part from the moment phase 2 was on when Onyxia took to the air ,everyone just forgot about it and ran away in different directions. Trying to raid heal when 25 people run around at random, drifting in and out of range, is quite a challenge. It made me wish I had a sheep dog to round them all up. As it was I tried my best running back and forth to cover most part of the cave looking for people in need of healing while at the same time glancing up to the cieling when Onyxia did her deep breath.

I just have to ask: am I the only one who find Onyxia a bit odd looking? I think her head looks funny, especially when you first get to see her before you start the fight. Her head is so small and her horns looks a bit like something that would belong to a cow. Or maybe a tauren.

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