Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello again Hodir

New week, new try on Hodir. This time we knew what to do in theory but it took some tries to make it work in action. The keyword in the Hodir fight reallt is movement. Move not to stack up damaging frost debuff, move not to be hit by falling objects, move to friendly fires/pillars of light, move onto snowdrifts, move, move, move. And try to remember to cram in some damage, healing or tanking at the same time. First try I died of being ice trapped and then immediately hit in the head by a falling ice block. Only afterwards did I remember that shapshifting would have freed me of the ice trap had I used in time (yes, yes, I see the "noob" comments come on this but then I have at least made the day for those of you who read here to confirm your own awsomeness compared to others).

After a few tries we managed to get things right and Hodir was defeted without anyone dying and even with all the friendly npcs alive in the end. Next boss up to try is Freya which, judging from movies at, seems quite complicated. Having to fight against flora gone mad also always make me a bit uncomfortable, I don't really know why. Maybe it's the tree in me protesting about the thought of nature going evil?

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