Friday, October 16, 2009

Trick or Tree's holiday recommendations for Ignis the Furnace Master

So you are Ignis the Furnace Master standing there in your room week after week, waiting for people to come and try to kill you yet another time. You feel a bit tired and stressed out of it all and if you didn't know those spoilt players would go straight to your employer whining in their GM tickets about you being bugged, you would seriously considering enraging immediately at the start of every fight just to show them. You are tired of being treated like this. You are not a slave, you are an employee entitled to rights Yes, you are in serious need of a holiday. You will demand extended maintenence of the server next week so you have time to go somewhere, see some interesting new sights and maybe even have some fun and meet new people. But where to go? Luckily for you, you happen to stumble on ToT's Raid Boss Travel Agency specializing in holiday experiences taylor made for YOU!

For you, dear Ignis, we recommend our Blackrock Depts/Molten Core Tour. On our way down to the mighty halls of the dark iron dwarfs we stop briefly on the chain bridge to admire the beautiful, glowing sights of the lava lake below. At the entrance of Blackrock Depts we will be greeted by our on site guide Overmaster Peyron. First we will visit Lord Incendius who will show us both the Black anvil and the Black Forge. Lord Incendius will tell us the secrets of how to smelt dark iron and you will even get to smelt a dark iron bar yourself. If you feel like buying gift for you nearest and dearest at home you will be given time to browse Lord Incendius gift shop with a variety of dark iron items ranging from green to epic suitable for every taste.

After the forge we continue to the Grim Guzzler for lunch. This genuine tarvern is the the natural meeting place for the local inhabitants and you are almost guaranteed some interesting insights in everyday Blackrock life. Maybe you even will be offered to taste some Dire brew. When lunch is over we will go past the Imperial Seat and if we are lucky we might catch a glimpse of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan and his princess Moira Bronzebeard on our way to the entrance of Molten Core. Overmaster Peyron will guide us through the fiery core of Blackrock Mountain where we will be sure to encounter the famous and very popular two headed core hounds. This tour's grand final will be the appearence of no other than Elemental Lord Ragnaros himself and his eight sons of Flame. After their spectacular fire show you will be given a miniature glow in the dark Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros replica as a souvenir.

For your convinience this tour comes with warlock summoning both to and from Blackrock Mountain. No need for bumpy mammoth rides or changing gryphons on the way. If you book today you will also recieve 50% off on our whelp hatchling excursion in Blackwing Lair!

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