Saturday, September 5, 2009

Purple is the new blue

With patch 3.2 and getting emblems of conquest from heroics epics are truly the new blue, item wise. Before patch it was difficult to gear up via heroics because so many players didn't need any loot from there and didn't find it worth the effort to go there but now almost everyone want to do at least the daily heroic and many want to run any heroic to get emblems. I think it's a good change since now there really is no good excuse not to be at leat reasonably geared when you start raiding. I know there are people complaining it's too easy to get epics nowdays but I think the Blizzard tactic of trying to make as many players as possible to get to experience all end game content at least to some degree is quite the way to go. After all, I guess Blizzard has put a lot of effort in developing the game, then it would be a bit of a waste if only a selected few hard core raiders would be geared enough to see end game content. I mean don't we all want to face the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel one day and be able to have a chance to survive, even if only in 10 player normal mode?

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