Monday, September 28, 2009

Semi blind in Howling Fjord

Tamarind's post over at Righteous Orbs where he praises his new laptop made me think when I did a quest in Howling Fjord on my way to ding 80. The mission of the quest was to harpoon three different buildings on the other side of the water (I guess it was the other side of a fjord ) and set them on fire.

I tried several times to hit the buildings but failed because I couldn't really make out where the hell the buildings were located. Then a nice soul pointed out that I might need to adjust my video settings a bit. This was in the days when I had my stoneage laptop so I had every setting as low as possible as not to lag and I had really forgot there was other options than my see-as-far-as-my-outsteched-arm-goes settings. And when I did change the settings for distance, my god - it was like "Oh I'm not blind anymore! I can see! I can see!" The fog lifted and I could see the buildings I was too harpoon on the other side of the fjord. I could see a lot of other things too, like the not so very small Utgarde Keep. I set the buildings on fire in no time. So easy!

I really would have liked to keep my hawkeye sight but the downside of it made the game lag so I could hardly move around. So when having the choice between being half blind or semi-paralyzed I chose being very nearsighted again.

These days though I too have a new laptop and my WoW world is so bright I almost have to wear shades.

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