Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HoS today...again

Halls of Stone has been the daily hc every other day on our server lately. I'm sure my dislike for the escort quest in there increases the probability for it to be the daily with at least 50 percent. Or it's like a player in the guild said:
"All other Northrend instance bosses have bribed the guy in Dalaran not to be chosen for the daily hc, but poor Sjonnir the Ironshaper is locked into his room and can't get out and so his instance becomes the daily hc almost every day."

Yes, I could believe that too. I never really have trusted that daily hc quest guy...


  1. We had Gundrak 4 days in a row - damn snakes, I hate the first boss of that.

    HoS is such an irritating instance - but then I dislike even-tbased instances rather on principle. I felt pretty much the same way about CoS (damn Arthas, stop being a noob!). The first time I did HoS I thought it was really cool - it looks so shiny, and the event is comedic and interesting.

    But ... this ... is ... the nth time, and I wish the dwarf would shut up.

  2. In CoS I wish you could fast forward Arthas in the intro. When you have done the instance a few times you just stand there tapping your foot while he and the others go on about what to do with Stratholme.

    I do find both HoS and HoL quite beautiful really but sometimes I want to tell Brann that it's easy for him to say that hardball is just his game when others have to do all the fighting...