Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nil skills as a knight

Tonight I sat on my borrowed Argent Tournament nightsaber contemplating my complete lack of skill in jousting. I'm clearly not knight material I thought. For the nth time one of the cities champion had told me I had to practice a bit more if I was to defeat him or her and you didn't have to be Einstein to hear that was just a gallant way to say I sucked.

Then came another player and she rapidly jousted three consceutive champions into submission in like one minute flat. Not very encouraging at first. But I watched how she did it (green with envy behind my keyboard) and then I tried again with a new, improved (and copied) tactic. And lo and behold I managed to defeat three champions in a row! Now I only ...22 more valiant's seals. Piece of cake really...


  1. You being a WoW-tease, what *was* her strategy?

    I'm rubbish at jousting, and I hate it. Also I think it's massively sensitive to lag so very often I just can't get off the moves in time - at least, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I am accumulating my seals my doing other things. Well, it's not like I'm in a rush.

    Also I'm a skinny priest in a sissy robe - mounted combat is really not my thing.

  2. This might be jousting101 for pro knights but what I was doing wrong I realised when I looked at the other player was that I didn't use shield breaker nearly as much as I should and I needed to move a bit more. I also realised that I had been too afraid of being charged and that this had prevented me from cramming in some extra shield breakers.

    Next time I challenged the champion I used shield breaker as soon as I could when he rode away from me. If he seemed to continue moving away I charged. Otherwise I hit defend and moved in on him. This way I managed to keep his defend down enough to do some extra damage and my own defend up enough to beat him.

    I do understand that wearing a robe might make mounted combat more...challenging but if a gnarled tree like myself can do it you can too! :)