Monday, September 28, 2009

From here to eternity (and yes it's a mighty long way)

I have been to Eye of Eterity four or five times now and Malygos is still flying in the sky laughing at us. The first two phases aren't that complicated from a healer perspective: in phase 1 just heal away (use only instant casts when vortex) and in phase 2 just heal away and run and stand inside the pink shields that pops up here and there on the platform. But phase 3 is where things go, well...not very good.

Sometimes I manage to put myself on follow to a person claiming to know how to move around Malygos but those times it seems everyone else is scattered about and out of reach to healing. Sometimes I fail att putting myself on follow and that is where the real problems start. This may sound very, very stupid but when I drop down on the dragon I seem to loose all sense of direction. There is just starry sky everywhere and I don't know what is up or down or back or forth. I know I can locate everyone else on the minimap but even if they are nicely grouped up (which they mostly are not by the way) I too often seem not to be in line with them vertically and I don't know if they are above or below me. Sometimes I feel I might be flying upside down for all I know, that is how lost I am.

The thing is I need some landmark to be able to navigate. I'm like that in real life too. I have absolutely no sense of "oh, this way must be north". When in new places I very likely take the wrong turn to where I'm going, making the way to my destination ridiculously longer than it has to be but when I have been somewhere once I remember the surroundings and find my way.

To me one one pixelated star in the sky looks exactly the same as any other and then I'm lost. And Malygos is laughing another week at our group who most likely resemble headless chickens when flapping around him.

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