Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moonkin in Naxx

Yesterday the Naxx25 run from Monday was continued and this time I joined. As dps! Yes, I got to be the raid's furry (feathery) friend of the night. So much fun and in a way very relaxing not to be the one to have to worry abouth the health of other people and instead just have to think "kill, kill, kill!".

Spider Wind and Plague quarter was down when we started and so was Patchwerk. The Grobbulus fight was less than perfect with people dropping off mutating injections randomly around the room instead of at the walls which made it really difficult not to stand in poison since poison was almost everywhere. Still Grobbulus was killed on first try.

Gluth on the other hand was a different matter. At first the dual specced dps that were supposed to tank the zombie adds didn't realise that they needed to switch into tank gear for the kiting. Then the healer that were assigned to heal the zombie kiters felt the overwhelming urge to go bear form instead of tree with the result that the kiters died of lack of healing. When some sense had been talked into the healer I dc'd in such a major way I had to reboot my pc to get back on and of course Gluth was killed while I was staring at my log in screen.

We had one and half try on Thaddius but I think everyone was getting tired and an accidental pull on Stalagg and Feugen made everyone feel that it was time to go to bed.

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