Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WoW quiz for parents

WoW is not a game just for teenagers. I know there are many parents roaming Azeroth. And since you have always wondered, now you can test: What kind of WoW race is your child?

1. You are on the beach with the family. What does your child do?

A) Goes "Mrrrggglll....gllllrrggll..", collect sea shells and takes a bite of a fish that has been stranded near you.

B) Starts digging for possible hidden treasures on the beach. Manage to sell beach sticks, stones and seaweed to other visitors as souvenirs.

C) Goes "Yey, this is the best place! And the sea is so BIG! Can I please take one of these beutiful sea shells with me home to show my friends?"

D) Kicks sand in the eyes of other children and says "The sea, what about it? It's only water. It ain't that big either."

2. You ask your child to tidy up his/her room. The response from your child is:

A) "Grrrgggglll...murrrgggglll". Your child runs around in his/her room a bit randomly,
moves things about, at times stopping to chew on an interesting toy.

B) "How much do you pay me if I clean my room right now?

C) "Yey, cleaning! I'll make all my things really shiny, just you wait and see!"

D) Slamming the door to his/her room shouting "Cleaning is stupid! "

3. How is your child doing in school?

A) The pre school teacher says your child is very enthusiastic but he/she needs to improve his/her speech a bit and also it is a problem that your child chews up all the pencils in sight.

B) Since you agreed to pay your child to get good grades school is going very well. The teacher says your child have a real talent for maths.

C) "Yey school! I get to see my friends every day and the teachers are nice too!"

D) "School is stupid. Noone need to teach me nothing. You want to tell me differently I'm gonna punch you in the face!"

4. When your child grows up he/she wants to

A) live on the beach in a tiny hut and study marine life.

B) become very rich.

C) become a jeweller. To get to work with shiny things every day: yey!

D) take revenge on everyone who wronged him/her when he/she was a child. Let them see who is the biggest one now!
Note that your child's WoW-race is not static and might be subject to change over the years.

Mostly anwer A

Your child is a murloc. Your child might be tiny, run around at random, speak a language that is mostly unintelligible and sometimes be annoying but you can't help to find her/him very cute and lovable anyway.

Mostly answer B
Your child is a goblin. With his/her knack for business your child will find business opportunities around every corner and the odds are that he/she will have made his/her first heap of gold before hitting 15. As a parent you might worry your child misses out on the more non materialistic aspects of life but don't worry: in this case money can buy happiness.

Mostly answer C

Your child is an oracle: full of joy for all the wondrous things life has to offer and always prepared to see the bright side of life. With his/her sunny personality your child is sure to make you feel like the best parent ever. Yey!

Mostly answer D

Your child is a wolvar. The outside might be cuddly but hides a fierce personality. Your child will never forget a wrongdoing but will also be very loyal to those he/she loves. Your child will always go her/his own way in life no matter what.


  1. Nice quiz!

    My daughter is only 5, (no WoW for awhile), but can already tell she is 90% oracle and 10% wolvar. O.o

    You should make a quiz to see what class your child will play when they grown up. My wife insists my daughter will be a mage, (just like her), but I say she will make a good hunter, (loves looking at all the pets in IF) :)

    Let the parental coercion begin!

  2. Good idea! I'll try to think of a class quiz :)