Monday, September 7, 2009

Cry to Blizzard: The trees need some love too!

As of patch 3.2 cat and bear druid can style their appearence by changing hair colour. But us trees have no other option than too look as usual. Which is, if you are to be frank, quite ugly.

Tree of life is actually quite a misgiving description. We look more like we have had a hard night out (or more possibly several hard night out in a row and suffering heavy of sleep deprivation), with a gnarled look and withering leaves. Where is the greenery and life in tree of life form I wonder?

Isn't it time that all resto druid spam Blizzard with requests for more variation, fun and glamour for the trees? I won't go as far as to suggest that we should be able to change with the season (although it would be sort of nice to heal as a christmas tree in the holiday season) but even a tree want to look good. Please, please Blizzard?

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