Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beaten by beasts

Yesterday we had a go at Trial of the Crusader 10 man normal. I had put the raid time to 21.00 and the other day our guild master scheduled Naxx25 at 22.00 which gave us a whole hour to take on the Northrend beast and the Twin Valkyrs. I'm not entirely sure if he was extreamly confident in our awsomeness and expected us just to go in and blast the bosses or if the thought we'd just totally fail and in that case one hour would be quite enough time for that, thank you very much.

As it was we didn't do too well but that was expected. Learning always take time. As it was, first time we tried one of the tanks died on Gromok the Impaler and I battle rezzed him, but then the other one died too and facing the two jormungars with only one tank is not the way to go. Second try one of the healers (not me) died after about 3 seconds because he got roasted in one of the fire spots. Gromok died but two healers on the jormungars was not enough. Third try my mind hit a lag spike and I totally forgot to move anywhere so I died of fire. Fourth try actually went well until one of the tanks dc'd just before Gromok died and we again only had one tank to face the jormungars. On the fifth try Gromok went down fine and everyone was alive but we didn't manage to get very far on the two worms. After that there was no time for more wiping since Naxx25 was on, which might have been just as well since I was dead tired.

I didn't join for Naxx (and as always I felt a tiny bit bad for skipping a raid) but instead did the daily hc (DTK and not HoS thankfully) with (a nice) PUG and then went to bed.

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