Friday, May 15, 2009

First steps in Ulduar

On Wednesday we took our first steps in Ulduar. Since noone in the group had been there before the spirit was one of trial and error, trying to learn how to best manouvre the different veichles in the first part. Soon we headed down to the area with the storm beacons and the towers of frost, nature, flames and storm. It was great fun bashing away and firing at the towers and the mobs. At first we didn't realise that the green cicular spots were repair stations. After we discovered their funtion it was easier to manage.

When it came to Flame Leviathan we had two really good tries at him (we actually had five tries at him but two was started accidantally and on one try one of the chopper drivers got disconnected). When I have read strategies for the fight it says that Flame Leviathan should target one of the slavaged engines at the time but to us it seemed more like it targeted anyone at random. Maybe we were positioned wrong so the demolishers were too close to the boss?

All in all the night was great fun and I'm sure we will down that mechanical next time we see it!

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