Sunday, May 10, 2009

Laidback night (at least at first)

Yesterday was level 60 raid night to Zul Gurub. I didn't go. To be honest feel a bit raided out since this week I lead both Naxx run and the OS and VoA runs . Even though I begin to feel more secure in my role being raid leader still requires more attention and work than just tagging along somewhere knowing decently well who to heal and how.

I have now completed 100 quests in Storm Peaks and earned the achievement The Summit of Storm Peaks. I would have got it the other day if I could just find Thorim! Two times I have gone to his place in Temple of Storms where I think I got the quest (I have had them in my quest log a long time) but he wasn't to be found sitting on his throne as I expected him to. Where is he?

Later in the evening I went to The Occulus. It is one of the instances I hadn't tried on heroic and sadly we didn't have time to complete it before some of us needed to go to bed.

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