Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Continued Naxx run

Yesterday we continued our Naxx10 run from Wednesday. First we went for a renewed attempt on Grobbulus but we were too uncoordinated so it didn't go too well. To keep the spirit up I thought it better to head back to plague quarter and do some of the bosses we know we can handle before trying Grobbulus again.

Noth the Plaguebringer is a boss that we now expect to down at first attempt. Yesterday we had two members in group that had never been to Naxx before but even so we had no problems with Noth. He dropped Dark shroud of the scourge for the third week in a row. Why not drop Noth's curse for a change I wonder.

On Heigan the Unclean it was clear our dancing lessons have paid off. We killed him at first try and seven of us stayed alive during whole fight.

The it was time for going through the maggot/eye stalk room. This week the succesful tactic was to move slowly one bit at the time and aoe down the maggots and kill the stalks when they popped up. I don't know why one week running through works like a charm but other weeks it seems impossible to do it.

Two weeks we have made unsuccesful attempts att Loetheb. Our problem has been us being too slow in dps so eventually we have died due to the frequent dooms he casts that we can't heal through. On the healing side I also think we could have optimized the healing to make the most of the 3 seconds window that you can heal. This time we were better at using the buff from the fungal spores and so we managed to kill the fungus giant. Personally I felt I timed my healings better this week too.

We headed back to Grobbulus where we started the evening and this time things went better. I think trying a few times on a boss and if it doesn't work have a break and go try another one in between and then come back actually can be agood thing to do.

We did one attempt on Gluth but we weren't even close to killing him. Our failure was partly my fault since when the main tank died I managed to resurrect the wrong player. Rogues are very useful but good tanks they are not.

Well, 8 bosses down this week. That is not too bad I think.

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