Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yesterday's Naxx raid

I think our guild's progress in Naxx10 is coming along quite nicely. You can say we were late starters to get level 80 raiding going but we're not a raiding guild so I think it's fine. Yesterday we cleared Archanid quarter and instead of going on to Plague quarter as we have done the two previous weeks we went to Patchwerk. The plan was to have a go at him and then move back to familiar territory and Noth the Plagubringer. To our joy Patchwerk went down on first try. Almost before I had time to say "Gj all" half of the raid had crissed crossed between the green oozes to go further into Construct quarter. And why not? Mutating injections from Grobbulus might be a welcome change from dancing with Heigan the Unclean. As it was we got Grobbulus down to about 20% two times and then we had to quit for the night. Next time though I'm sure we will kill him.

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