Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ulduar run Wednesday 13 May

Next Wednesday we will try Ulduar for the first time. It will be more of a go-see-how-it-is run than anything else. When reading about the bosses most boss encounters seem to require quite a bit of coordination and think it might take some time to get that right, so we shouldn't be disappointed if we don't succed at our first run. That said I still think we should aim for getting at least Flame Leviathan down.

Below are a list of guides for the first bosses of Ulduar. It seems there are few guides written specifically for the normal versions so I assume that 10 man and 25 man encounters are pretty similar from a strategic point of view:

Flame Leviatan guide at ZugGaming
Flame Leviathan guide att World of Matticus
Matticus guides are from a healer perspective but also gives detailed descriptions of the encounters as a whole.
Flame Leviathan at
On this site there are also links to movies showing the Flame Leviathan fight.

Razorscale guide at World of Matticus
Razorscale guide at ZugGaming
Razorscale guide at

Ignis the Furnace Master guide at ZugGaming
Ignis the Furnace Master guide at
Ignis the Furnace Master guide at World of Matticus
This guide shows in detail a way to position the raid for the fight. Maybe not what we will try first but worth to have in mind.

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