Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hall of Reflections x 2

Last night I got annoyed at myself for not having done Hall of Reflections so I boldly pugged it on hc to get a chance to complete the "Wrath of the Lich King" quest. When we were done (with my very limited experience of the place I think HoR might be a place were a good tank makes all the difference in the first part with the spirits attacking and the paladin tank we had in the group was very good) I looked at my quest and it was completed and without thinking I left the instance and only afterwards I realised I should have turned it in to Jaina Proudmore when we had escaped the Lich King. I went back to the instance, sneaked past a lonely respawn in the corridor up to the Lich King's throne room and run the escape path again (minus the Lich King and the ghouls) but Jaina was already gone.

I felt very stupid but nothing in the quest said it had to be completed on heroic so I put myself in queue for the instance on normal and did the whole thing all over again but in easier mood. In the new group was a hunter who turned out to be a selfish idiot. Apparently he wanted a pair of boots from the first boss and when they dropped he promptly needed them and left. Which left the rest of us having to fight the rest of the spirits with only four people since the warlock that replaced him couldn't get inside the instance because we were in combat. Thanks a lot. Then I escaped the Lich King for the second time the same night but this time the group tagged along after him which made the whole escape thing feel more than a bit weird especially at the end when Jaina shouts about us having to prepare for our last fight and the boulders start to fall down to block the entrance and we had to run not to be trapped on the side with the Lich King. (If the entrance gets blocked and you still were on the inside would you be able to run though the boulders or would the Lich King turn and say "Oh there you are..."?)

I also realised how I could have missed to complete the quest the first time. The question mark above Jaina's head is obscured by her lengthy talking but this time I was staring at her until she was finished (as opposed to the first time when I ran up the stairs and portaled to quickly) and then was given my two emblems of Frost.

We are of course lucky that he doesn't seem to be in better shape but the Lich King is one slow pursuer that is for sure. Jaina is like "Hurry, hurry he is coming!" and you are tempted to reply "But I can hardly see him moving".

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