Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rare orcs and cooking softie

An orc rogue. That must be one of the most rare creatures in game. And I understand. There is something that does not feel entirely right with the combination stealth and orc. I didn't manage to find one for the Pilgrim's Bounty achievement so in the end I had my husband create one who I met up with in the Barrens one day too late (today) and turned into a turkey. So now I'm a pilgrim.

I must say I love Pilgrim's Bounty for the opportunity to speed level cooking. Cooking, like fishing, I think is easier if you do along the way to level cap because when you need to go grind low level items to use for cooking you make up all sorts of excuses to put it off until some other time. But now I'm 357 in cooking and yesterday I even did a daily cooking quest. That daily had me going to Borean Tundra to get some rhino meat. Now I know it's stupid but I just couldn't kill the rhino matriarchs and their calfs. It just felt very wrong and the D.E.T.H.A presence in Borean Tundra that make you all red and bloody when killing animals didn't really help. In the end I settled for killing the male rhinos which is probably very politically incorrect, impying that rhino dads are not as important as rhino mums.

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