Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A post involving Lord Jaraxxus but no tactis

One of the (increasingly many) things I find irritating about Trial of the Crusader is that if you wipe on Lord Jaraxxus, when you come back inside the instance for another try he is in chains (or maybe he is enslaved). Why is that? Because he is a demon who will uncontrollably charge and kill us all otherwise? To protect the tournament audience from demon wrath? I think it feels so stupid. If he could kill that little gnome who summoned him with just batting his eyelashes (sort of and admittedly the little gnome does seems too full of himself for his own good) how come it takes only the time for us to make our way from the graveyard to restrain him? My mental picture is a magic SWOT-team running in and wrestle him down on the floor, handcuffing him.

And then when we get inside again, it's like "Oh, they are back, let's let him loose again so they can kill him." Why not leave him like he is so we can be done with it faster?

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