Sunday, November 8, 2009

A more positive post

Ok, I admit it: I have been grumpy in my blog the last few posts, complaining on Trial of the Crusader and fellow raiders. But no more!

The Twin Valkyrs are my new favourites. We only had time to try the fight once but it was a very good try. And such fun, running around switching colours and catching orbs (and healing of course). The twins fight is really one of those fights that sound more complicated when you try to explain what to do than it is when you actually doing it. It is also a fight where Deadly Boss Mods really is your best friend since it tells you when you need to switch colour.

Since we got to see the twins we obviously made it past the faction champions too this time and that felt great too. I was so busy running around, trying to stay away as much as possible but at the same time be in range to heal so I didn't have time to see how the fight was going so when it was over I didn't notice att first. My first thought was "But how can it be? We are all still alive?"

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