Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Motivation...hmmm....seem to have misplaced it

You would think autumn would make me more inclined to play WoW. I mean, when the rain pours outside and it's barely any light even at midday, getting lost in one's favourite game should be more than appealing? But no. I find myself raiding a little, questing a little (to raise my reputation with the capital cities) and as usual avoiding the Argent Tournament and Hodir dailies by inventing ever new excuses not to do them but my heart is not really in it. I'm sort of auto piloting through the game right now. I'm not bored enough to give up playing compleatly but I'm not motivated enough to play as much as I use to. Is it pre Cataclysm fatigue setting in already? I hope not.

The other day I decided to get my reputation to exalted with Stormwind so I headed to Elwynn Forest and Westfall and quested away. I have to say that Westfall is so much more bearable at level 80 than it is when low level. Even the kill-15-of-this-and-20-of-that-and-then-25-of-something-else quests are ok when you can blast the mobs with moonkin hurricane. Mwoaaahhaaa to all of the Defias Brotherhood who have killed my lowly rogue alt millions of times...

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