Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter whining

Am I the only one who feel that for every new content patch the demands on having achievements and a high gear score increases? How long has patch 3.3 been out now, 2 weeks and I already feel stressed because I have only had time to run Forge of Souls and and Pit of Saron once and haven't completed Halls of Reflections. But it's December and Christmas is around the corner and there is work to be done, Christmas gifts to be bought, dinners to attend to and what not. No time for emblem farming or running new instances. In a way it's silly to feel any pressure since it's only a game after all but still there is one tiny part of me that feel that I'm not keeping up.

Another thing I haven't paid any attention to so far is the Feat of Winter Veil. To my surprise I won a red winter's hat the other day when I did the daily random heroic and to my even greater surprise two players in the group quit right after that since it turned out they were only interested in getting it and not in finishing the instance.

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