Friday, December 11, 2009

Patch 3.3 first impressions

I was occupied with the non WoW aspects of my life in the beginning of the week so it was only yesterday I logged in to see what patch 3.3 has to offer and really, you miss the first day after patch and some people go "Oh, haven't you been to the new 5 man instances yet?". Well, no sorry I'm late...ehh.

I started the night by trying the new lfg system's random daily heroic and it didn't take a minute to get in a group and be teleported to the Nexus. It's probably to early to have an opinion but I do think I like the new cross realm lfg and the way Blizzard try to make it easier to pug groups. The Nexus run went fine and the only thing to mention is that on Omorok the Tree shaper one of the dps was offline before starting the boss and the other two died of ice spikes when the boss was around 70%, which left the dk tank and me to finish him off. It took quite a while and I coudn't even chip in a tiny bit of dps since my dps in tree form is zero. I felt like a healing cheerleader waveing my arms (branches) in the air supportivly every now and then as the tank slowly nudged Omorok to death.

One other thing I like with the new daily dungeon system is that you don't need to pick up items or body parts to present as proof of what you have done. Maybe you have better memory than I have but several times I have forgot to pick up whatever I needed to bring back to the quest guy in Dalaran.

As for the "Oh, haven't you done the new 5 man instances yet" I did my best to do them too yesterday but I only had time to do the two first ones, Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron, before bedtime. My first impression I must say, is gloomy. And of course it is, the Lich King is the Sauron of Northrend and evil does not like colour for some reason. So it's all different shades of black and the only presence of light is the glowing skulls floating around in the Forge of Souls. As for the bosses I think my favourite one this far is the four faced devourer of Souls.

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