Friday, February 12, 2010

We don't talk about me being senile and don't go half naked

I definitely have to post more. This morning when I was about to log in I had completey forgot my blogger login for this blog!

But this post is not about me being senile (let's forget about that very quickly...hmmm) but about gems and enchants. I have to say I really don't understand players who don't put gems and enchants on their current gear because they think what they are wearing is just transit to something better. What kind of logic is that? If you feel your gear is not top of the line even more reason to gem or enchant to boost it a bit. I'm not a gear fascist in the way that I think everyone in a group should be geared to the teeth but I do find it a bit sloppy to go into a place like ICC with empty gem slots. Maybe you can't have the best items in game but you can certainly do the best you can with the stuff you do have. You don't even have to go for the top gems or enchants if you find it too expensive. Blue gems (as in rare not necessarily in colour) can do nicely and sometimes the extra gold required for some 10 more of a stat on a weapon that the top enchant might not be worth it but then go for second best. Don't be afraid to sparkle. Shinies are good for you!


  1. Gemming is bloody expensive, to be fair - and intimidating but, yes, you're right. There's no excuse for not at the very least sticking a blue in there. I mean blues go for between 10 and 50 gold of my server.

  2. This is a great post, I don't care if people are in heroics and they are missing a gem or enchant because heroics are not that hard right now. But if you want to raid you should get gems and enchants it shows you serious about contributing and not just wanting free loot. Don't forget about your blog Astrantia!!

  3. Good of you to remind me! I'm ashamed of my infrequent posting. This is no way to keep a blog!